High performance sealant for green buildings and construction sustainability

Construction Sustainability: the role of high performance MS sealant

Sustainability initiatives are a growing expectation in all industries, especially construction.

Building construction and operation consume significant resources and raw materials. As a result, sustainable construction has become essential for securing long-term environmental, economic and social viability.

New Construction Sustainability:

Sustainable building materials enable designers, contractors and owners to decrease a building’s environmental footprint from the start.

Using sealants is one important way to improve construction sustainability. Sealants play a vital role in the following:

  • Controlling energy consumption
  • Preserving longevity of the building structure
  • Enhancing structural strength

Additionally, today’s sealant technology allows products to bond to many common building materials in a variety of conditions. This is important for the following reasons:

  • Sealants improve a building’s ability to prevent or reduce infiltration of wind, rain and airborne contaminants.
  • They exhibit a wide range of temperature performance, which enables dynamic joints to compensate for building movement while retaining adhesion.
  • By preventing elements from entering a building’s structure, sealants help preserve other sustainable building materials. This increases the structure’s overall sustainability.

 Existing Construction Sustainability

Sealants also offer numerous sustainability improvements for existing construction:

  • Sealants increase the longevity or service life of repaired dynamic and static joints.
  • They offer an easier and effective way to add to overall building sustainability without replacing all of the existing building materials.

Sealants used in new and existing construction also provide the following financial benefits:

  • Reduced energy costs (heating and cooling)
  • Improved return on investment
  • Increased resale value

Alseal’s Sustainable Sealant Solutions:

7 unique properties of MS sealants:

  1. Weather resistance and durability: MS sealant shows no cracking, splitting, discoloration or adhesion failure after over ten years of testing in desert climate
  2. Paintability: MS sealants provide good paintability unlike silicone sealants adhesion.
  3. Excellent adhesion: MS sealants provide adhesion to various substrates including concrete, metals, plastics, wood, and ceramics.
  4. Environmental friendliness: MS sealant is solvent-free and isocyanate-free). No solvent = no shrinkage (which affects adhesion) and no isocyanate = no bubbling. Isocyanates are considered to be hazardous materials to use. MS sealant is ecofriendly for green buildings, a GECA brand product.
  5. Low temperature gunnability: the viscosity of MS sealants is less dependent on temperature changes storage stability
  6. Stain resistance: MS sealants do not stain as some silicone sealants do because of low molecular weight silicon materials that bleed from the surface of sealed joints