Corrosion protection

Delivering efficiency and reliability of protecting assets from corrosion through Japan’s advanced corrosion inhibition systems.

To meet the demanding expectations of today’s industrial operations, our customers depend on asset longevity—and that starts with preventing corrosion before it begins.

With a dedicated team assigned to corrosion inhibition, you can count on our corrosion inhibition systems to always meet both your specific project requirements and the highest standards of safety and quality. See how our complete range of products and services can optimize uptime and protect your assets from the costly effects of corrosion.

Corrosion inhibition product selection

We work and cooperate closely with Nitto Denko, Japan the leading manufacturer of corrosion inhibition tapes in Japan to bring into Vietnam the anticorrosion tape XG series, and we are proud to be the first certified applicator.

These features allow us to be one of the few service providers to execute comprehensive corrosion prevention solution, including:

  • Bolt, nuts, valves, couplers, pipe connectorrs
  • Pipeline
  • Tank banks
  • Foundation bolts

in telecom, power, industrial buildings, oil and gas industries.

Want to stop metal corrosion permanently? Please ccontact us at 0382241661 for comprehensive corrosion protection solution.