High performance MS sealant

Our fully qualified sealant applicators offer comprehensive sealant application services to a wide range of customers and industries. We are immensely proud of the quality of MS sealant and services, attention to detail and professionalism we employ, making us one of the market leaders in this demanding industry.

Whatever the job, you can rest assured that you will receive a first class service from a fully qualified sealant applicator.



Our Sealant Services

Below is just a sample of the sealant application work we are able to undertake:

  • Internal and external window frames
  • Internal and external door frames
  • Glass to glass
  • Tile/wood/ameco to skirting joints
  • Expansion joints
  • Acoustic sound proofing
  • Air test jointing
  • Fire seal
  • Lead work sealing
  • Floor saw cut joints
  • Swimming pools
  • Cut out and reseals

If you require a sealant application that isn’t listed above, would like a quote or to arrange a free site visit for us to evaluate the job please contact your nearest office or e-mail us a brief specification and we’ll get back to you with a full and detailed quotation.


What is MS sealant?

Generally speaking, the two main sealing applications are the joining of one surface to another, and providing protective cover to a particular area. MS sealant is a modified silicione sealant used in projects where the sealant needs to stay flexible (+-50%, non staining, no bubble, low VOC, paintable) once it’s dried, as it can maintain its durability for years while also bending as required.

Our team commonly uses MS sealant in construction jobs to connect doors and windows to the main structure or to fill in cracks in masonry. Incredibly versatile, it adheres to a range of materials, including concrete, steel, aluminium, wood and glass.

Hybrid crack repair

Why do cracks occur on walls?

Here are a few common reasons:

  1. Contraction and expansion: The materials (paint, plaster) that make up your wall contract and expand because of fluctuations in humidity levels and temperature changes. This is usually a problem if the wall is within a room that is periodically air-conditioned or it faces the afternoon sun quite a bit. The movement of contraction and expansion can cause hairline cracks to appear.
  2. Expansion/contractioin, controll joints are not arranged, not arranged properly or even not sealed with the right sealant. A good sealant job takes time, so plan around it!


  1. Low quality paint: Inferior quality paint results in poor paint adhesion on your wall, which leads to cracks over time. In addition, using different paints for each paint coat can also cause cracks on the wall.
    There’s no way around it! Keep your paint consistent and use a high-quality product. It might hurt a little now, but it’s better than suffering for it down the road.
  2. Impatience during plasterwork: Sometimes, patience is the best way to go. Not letting cement plaster completely dry before applying paint is actually quite a common factor attributed to cracks. So put on some Netflix and chill out! It’ll be better than buying new paint to redo your walls.
  3. Poor paint job: Painting an entire house can be a huge amount of work, and it can be tempting to rush through it. But mistakes like missing out layers, or not letting previous layers completely dry can hamper your overall efforts.

We offer affordable and professional wall crack repair services for buildings in Vietnam. Does your project buildings need wall crack repair in the wall, in the basement or on the outside of your buildings on the foundation? If so, we are here to assist you! We are the area’s best and most knowledgeable structural repair experts, and we have a crew of trained professionals who will be able to take care of whatever kind of basement wall crack your home has. We can take care of both interior and exterior foundation cracks.

Well understanding the importance of crack repair materials, we partnered with reputed manufacturers such as Blue Label (Thailand, under Rhinoz brand – Rhinoz hybrid crack repair and jointing solutioin), Nitto Denko, Japan (NO.6931 tape), Alseal sealant (Malaysia) to bring you the comprehensive innovative solution to crack issues.

Comprehensive corrosion protection

Corrosion protection service

Delivering efficiency and reliability of protecting assets from corrosion through Japan’s advanced corrosion inhibition systems.

To meet the demanding expectations of today’s industrial operations, our customers depend on asset longevity—and that starts with preventing corrosion before it begins.

With a dedicated team assigned to corrosion inhibition, you can count on our corrosion inhibition systems to always meet both your specific project requirements and the highest standards of safety and quality. See how our complete range of products and services can optimize uptime and protect your assets from the costly effects of corrosion.

Corrosion inhibition product selection

We work and cooperate closely with Nitto Denko, Japan the leading manufacturer of corrosion inhibition tapes in Japan to bring into Vietnam the anticorrosion tape XG series, and we are proud to be the first certified applicator.

These features allow us to be one of the few service providers to execute comprehensive corrosion prevention solution, including:

  • Bolt, nuts, valves, couplers, pipe connectorrs
  • Pipeline
  • Tank banks
  • Foundation bolts

in telecom, power, industrial buildings, oil and gas industries.


Want to stop metal corrosion permanently? Please ccontact us at 0382241661 for comprehensive corrosion protection solution.