Our sealant application start with basic questions in mind

  • What type of joints
  • How much movement the joint will subject to
  • Under which conditions the joints will operate

then we come to sealant selection, and application procedures

.Material selection

Only sustainably sourced, green, high performance sealant from reputed suppliers are selected to secure uniform quality, high performance of joint.

Following the righ trend for green building materials, we selected modified silicone sealant (MS sealant) due to its advantages over PU sealant in terms of bonding, movement capability, low VOC no staining no shrinkage. We partnered with leading MS sealant manufacturer to bring high quality sealant to the clients.






.Tools and sub-materials

We well understood that good tools create productivity and high quality end results. As professional sealant applicator, after tries and errors, we decided to select masking tape Nitto NO7288 as our masking tape for razor sharp line of sealant. We also use power operated sealant gun for large scale application.

.Tooling is an ART

Tooling is very important in securing that sealant all bonds to the joint edges for waterproofing and durability of the joint as well as desired finished surface. At LTco, tooling foams are carefully tried and selected.


LTco, the professional sealant applicator you can trust.