Why us?

If you’re going to execute your project in Vietnam, the process starts with finding the right contractor (your right hand).

An experienced, trusted contractor can make the difference between getting the work done as planned, on time and within budget, or facing delays, hidden expenses, and disruption.

One of your hard tasks is to look for a right local trusted contractor, then LT – Local Trutsed Contractor, is your choice!

We, your Local Trusted Contractor, own and bring you:

.The personal touch

As a local contractor (actually a team of experienced, dedicated and devoted persons with many years working in Vietnam for Japanese projects and abroad for international projects, who deeply understand the difficulties of find a right local contractor), we understand the lives, the personalities, and the requirements of the people we are dealing with. This helps us bring a personalised service to your project. We are a family-owned business that have fought hard to earn our reputation and we strive to maintain it through the personal touch in our service and high quality work.

.More choice and flexibility

Being of small size, we are flexible with your choice of floor plans and the overall design of your project than a larger, national organisation. You are free to input more into the design process and to make changes to existing plans.

.Better availability and communication

With LT, the team executing part of your project is normally located nearby and we are often easier to communicate with than big builders, you have a direct line to our person in charge, who will be more likely to be available when you need us. This makes the whole process of executing part of your project less stressful and more enjoyable.

.Better value

We are confident to provide cost savings. We spend less on marketing and are generally leaner organisations with lower overheads, so we can afford to charge less – without sacrificing quality. This all adds up to better value.

Call us now on 0981581661 to book a time for a chat.